External Gear Pumps


1.5 to 28 cm3/rot A92 Series

20 to 38 cm3/rot B2 Series

30 to 125 cm3/rot C4 Series

Working Pressure

up to 28 Mpa


Mineral Oil


Their function is to transform mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, feeding the circuit with the necessary flow of oil.

These external gear pumps have a positive displacement, with pressure compensation double floating hubs, which eliminate the axial movements at the front of the gears, yielding an excellent durability and volumetric performance.

The technology used to manufacture the aluminum bodies and the rigidity of the gray cast iron intakes and lids give them an additional mechanical resistance to endure extreme working conditions.

Range of Products

They are manufactured in different series. Each series covers a range of volumetric displacement and offers axle and clamp designs adapted to different international standards or commercial applications.

Pumps can be coupled to make double or triple pumps, or different types of valves can be incorporated to expand the functions of the assembly.

Venturi's experience in the development and application of these pumps allows us to offer new designs or the adaptations that the client may need.


They are suitable for mineral oils and their application is universal, meeting the needs of most hydraulic circuits.

Examples of their application can be found in machinery used for agricultural and road purposes, handling of materials, urban hygiene, and in stationary pieces of equipment.