Hydraulic Cylinders


1.5 to 125 cm3/rotation


up to 1500 m

Inside diameter

up to 125 mm

Working Pressure

up to 21 MPa


Mineral oil


Their function is to transform hydraulic energy into mechanical energy by means of a force that displaces the stem in the cylinder.

The cylinders can be of simple or double effect, with varied designs of pistons, stems, connections and types of seals, which are adapted according to different requirements.

The design, the selection of materials suitable for each application, the validation of the designs in the test bench, and Venturi's experience in this field allow us to offer products which meet the most demanding needs for our clients' applications.

Range of Products

There are standard series of cylinders and special series, manufactured per our clients' requirements or designs.

Within the standard series, we have steering cylinders for mobile pieces of equipment, which come in different diameters, strokes and ball and socket joints or ends.

Special cylinders are generally used in applications for agricultural machinery.


They are suitable for mineral oils and their application is universal, meeting the needs of most hydraulic circuits.

Examples of their application can be found in machinery used for agricultural and road purposes, handling of materials, urban hygiene, and in stationary pieces of equipment.