Hydrostatic Steerings


DHA/DHV Series

DHI/DHS Series


85 to 500 cm3/rotation

Working Pressure

Working Pressure




Their function is to control the displacement of the cylinder that drives the steering of a mobile piece of equipment.

They are hydrostatic and the only connection between the steering unit and the cylinder is the oil. With them, important loads in the steering can be reached, with minimal operation strain, thus making it comfortable and safe to drive heavy pieces of equipment.

They consist of a gray cast iron body in which a servo valve rotates or is displaced. An internal, Gerotor-type gear motor, placed in the lower part, drives the valve. At the upper end, it is connected to the steering shaft which is driven by the steering wheel. The solid design and the materials used ensure a good performance in extreme conditions and a long life free of maintenance.

Range of Products

They are manufactured in two series: the DHI-DHS series with an axial-displacement servo valve and DHA-DHV series with a double-sleeve rotating servo valve and compact design.

In each series, we can find applications for open center circuits, closed center circuits and load sensing, and a wide range of volumetric displacements, which enable their use for many for diverse applications.

Connections to cylinders may be open or closed when steering is in neutral position, enabling reactive and non-reactive steering movements to the external load. Auxiliary valves may be included in the bodies in order to protect different circuit components. A wide variety of connection threads, fastening flanges and steering columns is available, and necessary adaptations are made upon client request.


They are suitable for mineral oils and their application is universal, meeting the needs of most hydraulic circuits.

Examples of their application can be found in machinery used for agricultural and road purposes, handling of materials, urban hygiene, and in stationary pieces of equipment.