Directional Control Valves


50 to 120 lts/min

VCM 1050

VCM 1120

Working Pressure

Working Pressure




Their function is to direct and control the flow of oil in hydraulic circuits.

These command valves are sliding stem valves, and several commands can be grouped in the same block. The bodies are made of gray cast iron and the stems are chrome-coated, thus obtaining a robust design with low friction and good rigidity, which minimizes deformations and leaks, and increases durability.

The stems have notches that enable soft movements and control of the moved flow.

Range of Products

They are manufactured in different series covering a wide range of flow rates and in versions for open center and closed center circuits.

In some series the bodies are manufactured in one block, and in others, the bodies are made up of modules that are coupled together, which allows us to obtain a wide variety of combinations fast.

Command activation can be manual, electrical or pneumatic; and the bodies are manufactured with different threads, auxiliary valves and stem centerers.


They are suitable for mineral oils and their application is universal, meeting the needs of most hydraulic circuits.

Examples of their application can be found in machinery used for agricultural and road purposes, handling of materials, urban hygiene, and in stationary pieces of equipment.