Control Valves


Their function is to control one or more parameters of a hydraulic circuit. They can control flow and pressure, direct oil, perform a certain sequence or even integrate several functions in the same block.

Some are used universally and others are developed for specific applications.

The experience in the design of this type of valves and the use of the same manufacturing technologies used with pumps, motors, command valves and steering units enable the user to have auxiliary elements in the circuit of the same quality as the main components.

Range of Products

They are manufactured in different families as a standard, and special valves are developed upon client request.

Within the available valve families, we can find:

  • Circuit selecting valves
  • Flow dividing valves
  • Flow regulating valves
  • Proportional dividing valves
  • Blocking valves
  • Seeder sequence valves
  • Valves for roll balers
  • Pressure limiting valves
  • Check valves
  • Limiting valve for combine harvesters Applications


They are suitable for mineral oils and their application is universal, meeting the needs of most hydraulic circuits.

Examples of their application can be found in machinery used for agricultural and road purposes, handling of materials, urban hygiene, and in stationary pieces of equipment.