The commitment in Venturi Hnos. is to provide solutions in hydraulics, always trying to guarantee full customer satisfaction.

A team of highly qualified engineers is available to the clients in order to work jointly facing the challenges set by the specific applications they themselves require.

By this it is intended to achieve an optimum result in each case, with actual solutions and personalized developments.


Venturi Hnos. products have a manufacturing guarantee.

Maintenance and reparation is done in our plant with highly qualified personnel, following the same quality standards and using the same components than during manufacturing.

Products are controlled in test benches verifying their performance within the defined standards


Venturi Hnos. counts with an open policy regarding spare parts and offer their customers the different components of products they manufacture, with the original quality.

This allows proper maintenance and reparation extending the life of products and saving costs.

The specific technical information is detailed in catalogues for clients to select the parts they need, that are available in the whole network of branches and distributors.